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j e w e l r y

for pieces with a matte finish, use the brighter, textured side of the enclosed finishing paper to remove tarnish and re-matte. it will not damage diamonds. do not use on blackened or polished finishes. polished pieces may be shined with polishing cloths.

in order to best maintain branch jewelry with a blackened finish, handle pieces as little as possible. try to prevent pieces from dropping onto or sliding across hard surfaces. avoid contact with substances such as water, soap, lotion and perfume. store pieces individually to protect the finish - place earrings, for example, in separate plastic baggies or soft pouches. sparkle can be restored to diamonds with a small, dry brush. the finish can last for a long time if properly cared for.

pieces will accumulate dust, lotion, sunscreen, soap, and such. pieces can be cleaned and sparkle restored to diamonds by washing gently with warm soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly. take extra care with delicate areas like wires and thin chain, and check regularly to ensure that connections are secure. slow tarnish by storing jewelry in zipped bags.

o b j e c t s

bronze is a durable material, but the patinas and finishes are delicate. as accumulations of dust can corrode the surface, gently clean with a soft cloth or brush. mild soap and water may also be used. keep pieces dry, as moisture will hasten tarnishing and corrosion. avoid abrasives, oils, and chemicals.

satin and polished finishes are coated with lacquer. handle carefully to prevent scratching and do not polish. blackened pieces are coated with a clear paste wax, which can be periodically reapplied. apply a thin coat to a clean, dry piece with a soft cloth or brush, allow to dry, and buff. wax may also be applied over lacquered finishes for extra protection.

eventually, pieces may require professional refinishing.