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Name: Michele Scholnick
Born: Montreal, Canada
Home: Venice (Beach)
Branch: Founded 2003

Designs and markets a line of fine jewelry and bronze objects, consuming vast amounts of caffeine, followed by slightly smaller amounts of bourbon, in the process. Has succeeded in producing designs in a time frame that can reasonably be called slower than molasses, drying cement, and evolution, combined. Is decisive (read: determines podcast and music programming for the studio in her preferred method, i.e., whatever was playing yesterday). Is training her dog June to set diamonds. Embraces alternative work flow theories as a rationalization for working all night and sleeping all day. Expertly translates book-length shipping manuals in slightly less time than the average peace-keeping mission. Exhibits at wholesale trade shows in a booth she designed to contain nap space larger than most Manhattan apartments. Convinced several unfathomably good metalsmiths to aid in the madness by promising...something? Lured her extremely patient bf into participating in the chaos. Developed a technique for strewing things about her studio so creatively and thoroughly that would-be burglars believe the place to have already been robbed, and leave.

Specialties: Naps and snacks.